It is a pleasure to serve as your District Deputy Grand Master for the 2014-15 Masonic year. I am so blessed to represent The Grand Master Most Worshipful Bother Donald A. Campbell.
Leading up to the election as D.D.G.M., I was told it would be a very busy and rewarding year and that was an understatement! I have had many great experiences as your DDGM visiting each of your lodges, you have all treated me like a “King”! I have gotten to know more of you and my previous contacts better. What I have witnessed from my closer contact with South Huron is that we do truly share a unique bond as Freemason. Brotherhood is the best way to describe it, there is no hidden walls of confidentiality to break down on introduction, every new mason you meet is like an old friend instantly !My goal or purpose this year has been to strengthen our foundation , Make Good Men Better, and in such Lodges better! Also to foster a stronger bond between lodges and brethren in this District first and hopefully beyond the boundaries of South Huron. We as Masons have so much to share and travelling opens up totally new concepts to how we conduct or business part of the meeting, to how we support each other and grow our membership. South Huron has a rich history and a valuable resource of information amongst our Past Masters and Past Grand Lodge Officers. I strongly urge each and every brother to seek advice and ideas from them to help you prefect your term in office. This past year the Masters of the District have been meeting and discussing ways to work together, put some exciting new ideas into their meetings and be a think tank for the District, They have formed a strong bond from which I know we will all benefit. As I close I want to draw your attention to the Grand Masters Reception for South Huron, May 2, 2015.


R.W. Bro. John W. Gibson

DDGM South Huron District

It is being hosted by Britannia Lodge #170 in conjunction with their 150th anniversary ! It will be a very interesting an educational day starting at 12 noon with a lunch at Northside United Church in Seaforth, ON, followed immediately by a play written by R. W. Bro Bruce Whitmore depicting the history of Seaforth and Britannia #170. Britannia Lodge #170 will be re-dedicated by the Grand Master, in recognition of the new Accessible Lodge Room on the main level. Heritage Lodge will then meet in Britannia Lodge room (all Masons welcome of course). The South Huron Grand Masters Reception will start at the Seaforth Legion @4:30pm for social time with Dinner being served at 5:30pm I strongly suggest you arrange your tickets with R. W. Bro Barry Hutton ,Master of Britannia #170,as soon as possible as there is strong interest by many Brethren from outside South Huron. Thank you for the strong support you have given to myself and the hosting Lodges thus far.

 R. W. Bro John W Gibson
 DDGM South Huron

Spring 2015 Newsletter