As I write this message spring is just around the corner, although with snow still on the ground it still seems far off. But as nature renews itself each year so we as Masons mush renew ourselves in our commitment to make masonry a greater fraternity.

The last few months have been busy for me being you’re District Deputy and representing South Huron District in the surrounding districts have brought many rewarding experiences and meeting new brethren always reminds me what masonry is, brotherly love relief and truth.

Travelling to other lodges in the district an meeting the brethren of these lodges is an important part of this fraternity That being said the official visits will resume shortly with the first of these visits being at Britannia #170, in Seaforth on April 1st 2013. I encourage all the brethren of South Huron to attend these visits and meet the brethren of other lodges. Please refer to the district homepage for all upcoming events, dates and times.  

Brethren, Let us not forget our masonic values and practice them daily, brotherly love, relief and truth.  

From the Grand Master:   Brethren it is not too early for each Lodge to begin preparation and planning to attend the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge, which will occur on July 17, 2013.

Here are some notable dates and information relative to the Annual Communication:

 Section 38 – Nomination to Grand Lodge office (except DDGM) “must be received by the Grand Secretary on or before the 1st day of April” (if Sunday or a holiday, then on or before the following day). Nomination lists are then prepared for submission to each lodge in the April mailing.

Sections 56(a) and 303(c) Proxy Voting and Forms

Original completed form under signature and seal, “shall be returned to the Grand Secretary at least fourteen days prior” to the Annual Communication. This information must be entered on the Grand Lodge computer system for eligibility to vote as a Proxy.

 Sections 57 and 300 Semi-annual Returns, July 8th

No representative (Master, Warden or proxy) who has neglected to deliver to the Grand Secretary its returns or payment to Grand Lodge on or before the 8th day of July in each year shall be permitted to vote”.

Attending Past Masters are permitted to vote.

Section 238 and 302(b)(ii) Return of Officers Form

“The Master shall annually cause to be sent to the Grand Secretary on a form to be supplied by the Grand Secretary, the names of the Master, Past Masters and Wardens of the lodge who are entitled to attend and vote at Grand Lodge.”

Early compliance of this by those lodges whose Installation occurs in May and June is essential, in order to add the newly elected Junior Warden to the eligible voters Grand Lodge data base.      


Sincerely & Fraternally

R.W.Bro. James McTavish

DDGM South Huron District


Spring, 2013