Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Hearn,

On behalf of the Directors and Officers of The Masonichip Foundation of Ontario I congratulate you on your preferment.

Without leadership in the Craft by men like you, our progressive science would not effectively advance. We wish you an enjoyable year and hope that you realize your expectations.

Planning is an important element of any successful year and I would extend a few requests towards that end.

Please encourage and support MASONlch.l.P. clinics in South Huron District. Consider purchasing our new pin and perhaps one of our new polo shirts for promotion. These items can be purchased through Mr. Zavar Byramjee who can be contacted via email at Zavar(oregalpresscanada.com.

lf you have a District Website, consider placing the MASONlCh.l.P. Logo on theĀ  website with a hotlink to www.masonichip.ca.

Your Webmaster can contact me for an electronic copy of our recently updated logo at: robfanflemins@svmpatico.ca or call me at 705 – 682 – 4775.

Encourage each of the Worshipful Masters in your District to name a MASON|Ch.I.P. Chairman and to place his name in their summons. I will be contacting each Lodge to request the same. Perhaps the Lodge Chairmen could form the basis for your District Chairman’s committee.

Funding is an ongoing activity for our Foundation, as we are a Canadian Charity and do not generate any funds other than those by the District and / or Lodges when they sponsor a clinic and donations made directly to the Foundation. lt would be appreciated if you could promote donations to the Masonichip Foundation of Ontario in support of the program. Every donation receives a receipt for tax purposes.

lf any of the members of your District are linked to large companies or organizations that would be interested in becoming “Participating Partners” in our Programme, kindly ask them to contact me.

Finally, I wish you the best in your upcoming year!

Fraternally & Sincerely,
Rob Fleming
President – The Masonichip Foundation of Ontario

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