Fall 2012

Greetings Brethren:

 I trust everyone has had a safe and enjoyable summer. The Masonic year is about to begin and I hope everyone has recharged their batteries and are ready to tackle the challenges that lie before us as South Huron enters into the second decade of the twenty first century. I truly believe that new technologies that we have at our disposable will bring some positive changes to our lodges and our district as far as communication is concerned. A new and revamped district home page is in the works which I am really excited about which enable lodges in the district to interact with one another. I am encouraging all lodges in the district to start their own web site and join in this new endeavor.

  The Grand Master has asked me to convey some important issues to the brethren before the start of our masonic year start. He has asked that no Books of the Work are to be opened in lodge while ritual is being performed. Also the use of cell phones, taking pictures and videos are prohibited in open lodge and if observed the lodge will be fined 25 dollars and given the District Charity which leads me to m next point. The district charity will be the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JDRF. I think the masons in South Huron can benefit from this and raise public awareness about the Masonic fraternity and bring it into a more positive light. Let’s make this charity a success and raise money for a worthwhile cause.

  The Grand Master has asked we promote harmony in our lodges and our district. Brethren, make a point of looking after our widows and our elderly brethren that cannot come out lodge. A short visit with them will mean the world to them and they will know that they are not forgotten.

  South Huron will be having a Lodge of instruction on March 30, 2013 with R.W.Bro. Hutton and R.W.Bro Hazlitt to conduct this event. Thank you R.W.Sirs. I have sent out invitations to neighbouring districts to participate as well. Let’s make South Huron proud and make this event a success.

  Finally brethren I would ask each lodge to notify the District Secretary or myself of any masonic education one week in advance to my Fraternal and Official visits so no duplications will occur and most importantly I would ask that no degree work be done on official visits .It is important that I view some ritual during my year as your District Deputy Grand Master. Lets put some fun into the word Masonry and I will see you all in September. I look forward to visiting with you over the next year.

Sincerely and Fraternally

James “Sandy” McTavish,

DDGM, South Huron District